Julia Chang

Original Spreadsheet

Command Hit Level Damage Startup
Moves in the grey box are the initial moves. The colored boxes are the situation you are in and the following rows are potential moves you can go for.
f,F+1 M 11 11(~12) -2 +4 +7
u/f+1 M 17 15 -8 +4 Launch In case the opponent likes to mash 1 after blocking.
f,F+1 followed by u/f+1 does NOT work on: Bob, Claudio, Eliza, Feng, Geese, Kazumi, Lucky Chloe, Shaheen, or Steve.
Zarzob's 2,B > SB 1+2 oki explored video.
2,B > SB 1+2 H 10,22 12 -8 +4 +4 Zarzob's 2,B > SB 1+2 followup chart.
d,D/F+1 M 14 12(~12) -6 +0 +5 View Zarzob's chart for notes on specific matchups.
Chart is linked above and an embdedded version is below.
f,F+1 M 11 11(~12) -2 +4 +7
4~2,1 L,(H),M 7,5,21 15 -16 KND KND
Julia's 2~b, 1+2 followups
Ender Followup Notes
combo > S! > d/f+2,3~1 f+3,4 CH launches low getup/recovery kick and beats mid getup. Loses to spring attack. -13 ob and +2 oh but if they tech roll then -12 ob and +3 oh.
combo > S! > d/f+2,3~1 deep f,F+1 Floats recovery kick and spring attack. Whiffs on stay down and Side Quick Rolls.
1+3 or u/f+1+2 grabs f,F+3 They are put in S! if they try to wake up backwards or do a getup attack. Whiffs if they side roll left.
FC d/f+4,3 d+1+2 Loses to spring attack and stay down.
FC d/f+4,3 f,F+2 Will be blocked by stand up and wake up backwards.
WS+2,1 Julia Tech from @flower_bottom
WS+2,1 run up d/f+2,1 Launches if they wake up backwards, stand up (bt launch), or use getup kicks. (d/f+2),1 clips SRL for 9 dmg. SRR and Stay Down avoids it.
WS+2,1 dash b+1+2 Launches if they wake up backwards or use getup kicks. Hits stand up and side rolling. Stay Down avoids it.
W! > u/f+3+4 > f,F+3 (d,D/F+1,4) Slightly plus (+2 for non-CES followup) vs. their techroll. Keeps wall position if they tech left.
W! > u/f+3+4 > f,F+3 (d,D/F+1) +5 vs. their techroll.
Ender Wardrum Followup Notes
combo > S! > 1+2 > f,F+3 dash 4~2,1 Wardrums post combos part 1
Wardrums post combos part 2
combo > S! > d/f+2,3~1 f > 4~2,1
d/f+2,3~1 > f,F+3 dash 4~2,1
f,F+3 > WR+2,1 b > 4~2,1
WS+4 backdash 4~2,1
FC d/f+2 dash 4~2,1
W! > u/f+3+4 > f,F+3 backdash 4~2,1
W! > FC d/f+4,3 > f,F+3 backdash 4~2,1
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